What is The Art of War?

The Art of War is a place to learn about competitive 40k and improve your skills as a player. We want to bring high-quality, competitive Warhammer strategies and tactics to you. From beginners to top-level players, we want to help the competitive Warhammer community grow. We are a team of highly accomplished players who want to share our secrets of success with you.

On the Art of War, you can expect to find articles ranging from specific army strategies and tactics to conceptual 40k theories and high-level analyses. We also have a podcast where we interview a top-performing player weekly and deep dive into the “why’s” of his army list choices and how he uses all of his units on the table. In the War Room, you’ll find five weekly classes taught by our professional 40k coaches, a weekly meta-analysis, and live-streamed coaching games where we walk through the decisions we make to give you the ultimate learning experience. Thanks to our partner Obey Alliance on Twitch, we have multiple live streamed games per week between some of the best Warhammer players in the world. If that wasn’t enough, we also offer an array of coaching services for anyone wanting to elevate their game to an even higher level!

Here at the Art of War, our focus is on bringing you the highest quality competitive 40k content out there. We want to help 40k become the best it can be, and help the game grow so more people worldwide can enjoy it the same way we do!


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