Art of War Tabletop Simulator League

Hey everyone, times are tough. Now more than ever it’s imperative we come together as a community and work together to get through this pandemic. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to play games anymore, and for some people it’s become impossible. It’s for that reason that we wanted to create an Art of War Tabletop Simulator League!

This will be a 6 week league that’s structured like a competitive ITC tournament but only for War Room members. This is a great way to grow the community and bring us all closer through a shared passion in these trying times.

Full rules and information on how to sign up and download TTS for 40k can be found below!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly at

To join the War Room and get access to a higher level of knowledge in 40k as well as play in our TTS league click here


Art of War TTS League Rules

How does it work?

-Players will compete over 6 weeks by playing one game per week

-Games will be played on TTS and we will use the Art of War discord channel to communicate during the games

-Players must submit their 2000 point ITC list via email to no later than Friday April 17th at 11:59pm EST. 

-You cannot change your list during the league.

-List will be made public on Saturday April 18th.

-Every week on Sunday (starting Sunday April 19th) pairings for the weeks round will go live, from that point you have until the following Saturday at 11:59pm EST to complete your game.

 -Just like a normal ITC tournament scores will first come down to Win/Loss, and then Battle points.

Scheduling and Missed Games:

-If you and your opponent aren’t able to schedule a game or get a proper result to the league commissioner by Saturday at 11:59EST then both plyers will receive a draw and a battle point score of 21 points. 

-If one person is making an honest effort to schedule a game with an opponent but the opponent is largely unavailable or unresponsive the honest effort person will receive a win with 30 battle points while the unresponsive player will receive a loss of 10 battle points. This will be determined at the commissioner’s digression and the assumed default will be a draw unless one player advocated otherwise.

Notes on TTS:

 By nature of time zones and shifting schedules it is infeasible to have a judge able to watch every game, or even necessarily be available to answer questions that come up during games. The responsibility will fall onto the players to reach reasonable rules decisions during their games.
Play by Intent. I cannot stress this enough. TTS is not perfect, and measuring every little thing meticulously can become very time consuming and tedious. Players MUST agree to play by intent.

Sportsmanship: The Art of War prides itself on top tier sportsmanship, and we want to carry this through to our members as well. You’re playing your fellow peers, and while it may be virtual there’s still a real person on the other side of that computer. We will take any sportsmanship complaints very seriously. Please just play nice!

How do you sign up?

Email us directly at with your preferred email address, your discord username, and your list BEFORE Friday April 17th at 11:59pm EST. The email and discord name are there solely so that your opponent can contact you to schedule a game.

There is no cost to join this league, but it is private and only open to members of the War Room and our Coaching Clients

What do you get for winning?

The winner of the league will be able to choose a stream match (both lists) for our private War Room Coaching

This is meant to be a fun and sporting league to encourage people to play and bring people together through our shared hobby. Let’s have some fun!

Links to Useful Resources

League Moderators
Nick Nanavati- Non playing- League Commissioner

Cameron Pineiro- Playing- League Moderator, Discord: SexyMexi#2924

Jim Stanley- Playing- League Moderator, Discord: stimjanley#1330

Jack Harpster- Playing League Moderator, Discord: Jack Harpster#5681

Michael Butler- Ringer- League Moderator, Discord: Mike Butler#7112

Out League mods are there to help you with set up, and answer and TTS related questions. They will also be helping to check lists.

The league commissioner will be in charge of running the league, come to him If there are any uncertainty’s on how to handle a league level situation (missed games, cheating, sportsmanship etc…)

You can find all the mods on facebook in the War Room


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