How to Play Chaos Soup- Interview With Mark Perry

We got the Great Unclean One and Art of War Coach Mark Perry on to talk about his incredibly janky yet somehow super powerful Chaos soup list and how it all works. Check it out on this week’s Art of War Podcast


Click here to listen!

Emperor children batt

Lucius 85

Deamon prince wings delightful agonies 165

3x10noise marine’s 2xblastmasters 186

Dark disciples 10

Heretic batt

Airman the fresh 131

Plague caster 98

10wolder eaters cultists 40

40xdeath guard cultists 160

30xemperor children cultists 

2xfoulblight spawn 77

Slaanesh supreme command 

Abaddon the big wannabe wermaster wl 210 

Dark apostle emperor children 72

The epitome mirror thingy 195

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