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Stream House RTT: Round 1 pairings

The moment we have all been waiting for is here! Round 1 pairings and missions are up for the Stream House RTT, starting tomorrow at 6pm ET on twitch! Each member of the Stream House has written three unique army lists, ready to be put to the test in random pairings against the other members of the house! We have spent weeks practicing and refining our concepts, to make sure that these are the most competitive possible lists. All of our lists can be found on YouTube! The first weekends pairings can be found below:


Game 1: Friday the 11th, 6 pm ET – Mark Perry’s Deathskullz Orks vs John Lennon’s Salamander Successors

The first game of the event is a barn burner! Using mission 21, Surround and Destroy, we will see an off meta list specifically built for marines, crash into the current meta Salamanders run by last years Best in faction Space Marine player! The Orks are fast, plentiful, and each unit packs a punch with killsaws and kombi-rokkits spread throughout the army. There’s a lot of damage 3 here! The Salamander’s, meanwhile, are packing tons of gravis armor and a relic for a 6+ feel no pain roll. With the most blistering short ranged firepower in the game, this army is designed to seize the table and kill anything that gets near it. Can the mighty sons of Vulkan stand before the tide of greenskin savages?

Game 2: Saturday the 12th, 1 PM ET – Richard Siegler’s Grey Knights vs Mark Perry’s World Eater’s and Word Bearers

Round two, begin! The stage is set with mission 33, Priority Target. Richard Siegler steps in to the ring, and we are finally getting the answer to one of life’s great questions. Do Raptors actually kill paladins? Mark is bringing his infamous World Eaters into play, and will be pitting his horde of berzerkers and Khornate madmen into the noble sons of Titan! The Grey Knights are built on mid-ranged weight of fire, with a tough anchor of elite Terminators and a number of psi-weapons to smite the foe from long range. The World Eater’s harbor a special disdain for psykers, and will rely on their raw aggression and speed to take over the table. They did bring a sorcerer of their own to speed them into battle, and to lend an extra deny the witch to contend with the Psychic prowess of Titan! The Grey Knights will need to screen efficiently and bring their ferocious firepower to bare, while the forces of Chaos have good odds of just overwhelming all who oppose them in a storm of bloody chain axes!

Game 3: Sunday the 13th, 1pm ET – John Lennon’s Adeptus Custodes vs Richard Siegler’s Adeptus Mechanicus

Round three is here! Two armies of the Imperium will meet in mission 11, Retrieval Mission. Richard Siegler’s Adeptus Mechanicus bring some of the best long ranged firepower in the game, and have skirmishing units to control the board and harass the opponent. The Adeptus Custodes, meanwhile, bring an ultra-elite playstyle and hardcore durability that can shrug off even the fiercest firepower in the game. With four of the six objectives in the middle, the custodes will be compelled to take the center and try to fight off the cyborg legions that assail them. The firepower of Mars presents an irresistible force, but the immovable object of the Ten Thousand is not so easily dislodged! If the legions of Cawl are able to kill the Lions of Terra in time, they will be able to reclaim the table and claim victory for the Omnissiah.

Each of these games will be streamed live on our twitch channel, and each of these lists can be found on YouTube!

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