We are live in the War Room with: Blood Angels vs. Craftworlds - 07/05/22

Stream House RTT: Round 2 pairings

Round 1 is complete! After the dust has settled, three members of the house have taken their first loss, and the last player has yet to win a game! Nick Nanavati has survived the carnage so far by default, but it’s time to run the stream house gauntlet! The first three games have been an absolute blast, with high stakes plays and innovative tactics on display. Starting on Friday, we will be bringing our next three games back to back to back! Check it out on twitch! Each member of the Stream House has written three unique army lists, ready to be put to the test in random pairings against the other members of the house. We have spent weeks practicing and refining our concepts, to make sure that these are the most competitive possible lists. All of our lists can be found on YouTube! The first weekends results, and the upcoming pairings can be found below:


Game 4: Friday the 18th, 6pm ET – Nick Nanavati’s Sisters of Battle vs Mark Perry’s Emperor’s Children/Thousand Sons

We’re kicking off the weekend with a rematch on mission 12! We’ve shown off Sisters vs Noise Marines before, but the pairings have decided to do it again! Can the notoriously durable Sororitas survive the high volume of shots that Mark is bringing? Each player is bringing an army they have lots of practice with, and both are known for their reliability. Mark’s Tzaangors add a horde element for Nick to cut through, but Nick’s Repentia have been All-stars every time they hit the table! It would take a miracle to make it through this tide of heretics, but Triumph of Saint Katherine hands out miracles every turn…

Game 5: Saturday the 19th, 1 PM ET – Nick Nanavati’s Death Guard vs Richard Siegler’s Blood Angels

It’s Angels vs Demons in a throwdown between former ITC champions! Playing mission 32, each army will able to get to grips quickly. This match is sure to feature lots of violent close combat, but who will be the victor? The Death Guard and their demonic allies have the advantage of durability, while the Blood Angels hold an edge in their speed, and have a Judiciar to help dictate who will be fighting first. The Death Guard are bringing their notorious Plague Marines, and the grenades with it, while Richard has added Plasma inceptors to his previous lists. Their high strength and multi damage will be sorely needed if the sons of Sanguinis are to claim victory!

Game 6: Sunday the 20th, 1 PM ET – Nick Nanavati’s Harlequins vs John Lennon’s White Scars

The final match of the weekend is sure to be an exciting one! White Scars and Harlequins have similar dynamic playstyles, but only one can emerge as victor! The White Scars are on a hot streak, coming in with a recent tournament win and are battle tested. But, Nick has been practicing and perfecting his harlequins for months, and this contest of speed is going to come down to trading punches by the end of it! Each army has also brought a full toolbox of tricks to kill, block, harass and slow the other. Nick’s Eldar have brought a vexator mask for an edge in combat, but it can be neutralized with a well placed Judiciar. The positioning will surely decide the victor in this high skill contest!

Each of these games will be streamed live on our twitch channel, and each of these lists can be found on YouTube!

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