Adeptus Custodes vs Black Legion – 9th Ed Stream Match

Welcome Art of War fans! Join us on twitch at 1pm ET tomorrow, October 3rd, as we bring you another clash between the forces of good and evil!

Mark Perry is back at it again! The chaos magician has already wrought competitive builds for most of the legions, and now he is taking Abaddon and the Black Legion to the table! In the other corner stands John Lennon, mustering the Golden Legion to repel the forces of darkness yet again and avenge their only failure, a stain on their honor ten thousand years old… The Custodes are known for having Objective Secured on every model, but the Black Legion are notorious World-Killers, and can strip that ability away with a stratagem! This is a great stress test to see how competitive the Custodes can be, and if the Black legion are perhaps a viable future for Chaos.

Lists can be found below:


Black legion battalion:

Abbadon (Warlord, First among traitors) 220

Exalted champion (Ghorisvex’s teeth) 75

Dark apostle (council of traitors, veteran raider, illusionary supplication) 80

Dark disciples 10

25xcultist (autogun) 150

25x cultist (autogun) 150

25x cultist (Close combat weapon) 150

8x Berzerkers (1x Power fist, 7x chainaxes, 8x Chainswords 153

Rhino (2x combi bolters) 81

Black legion outrider:

Terminator sorcerer (Slaanesh, Delightful agonies, warptime 108

Terminator sorcerer (Tzeentch, Weaver of fate, prescience, Council of traitors: trusted war leader) 108

1x Spawn 23

15x Raptors (Power fist, 15x Chainswords) 280

9x Biker (Power Fist, 8x boltguns, 9x twin boltguns) 262

Heldrake (baleflamer) 150


Iotan Gorgonnes Patrol:

Tempestor Prime: 40 Warlord, Grand Strategist, Kurov’s Aquila

5x Scions 45

5x Scions 45

4x Servitors 28

Shadowkeepers Vanguard:

Shield Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike (Hurricane Bolter, Unstoppable Destroyer, Auric Aquilis) 175

Captain-General Trajan Valoris 190

5x Allarus Custodians (Spears) 325

5x Allarus Custodians (Spears) 325

5x Aquillons (Solarite Power Gauntlets, Lastrum Storm Bolters) 400

Vexilus Praetor in Allarus Armour (Magnifica) 125

5x Venatarii (Kinetic Destroyers and Tarsus Bucklers) 300


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