AOWdu Bonus Stats Episode 1

Part 1: Pre Codex Faction Ladder

Adam pulls some strings and makes Josh Diffey and Peter the Falcon trawl through their databases to put together a comprehensive 9th ed faction ladder pre Codexes.

This is something i hope to do regularly and keep the ladder as a living thing to be updated and tracked through the edition. Please let me know if it’s something you guys are interested in.
I’m away from home this weekend but i’ll add in the ladder to this post when i get the chance.

Part 2: Deep diving for those faction pearls

Adam and mostly Diffey deep dive the factions important to you in order to answer your listener questions. Unfortunately Peter had to leave due to his children waking up around the 30min mark.
After we deep dive factions we go into Secondaries, median scores per choice and some of the other awesome stuff these analysts have picked up on.

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