How to play Forces of the Hive Mind – Interview with Erik Lathouras


An endless swarm reaches the tabletop! Erik Lathouras is the architect of this tide of infantry and joins us on the podcast after an impressive third place showing at the Brisbane GT with his Tyranids and Genestealer Cult list!

Erik is one of the most accomplished players in Australia, the winner of both BrisCon and CanCon in 2019, as well as a veteran of the Australian ETC team! He’s also a dedicated player of Tyranids, and has been committed to making the Forces of the Hive Mind work in 9th edition.

Part one is a free to listen episode covering Erik’s list and the strategy behind it! Part 2 is for patrons only and you get a sneak peak on the nitty gritty tactics he employs in specific match ups!

Listen to part 1

Listen to part 2


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