How to play Harlequins: Interview with Malik Amin Rubio

Malik recently won the Stay Safe and Play GT with a unique combination of Harlequins and Craftworld Eldar! We were lucky enough to have him on the podcast to talk about his list, and how to play it!


Malik Amin Rubio is one of the best players in the UK, and a seasoned tournament veteran, as well as a crafty master of playing with the Aeldari! His list features a hyper aggressive playstyle that showcases the strengths of the Harlequins.

Part one is a free to listen episode covering Malik’s list and the strategy behind it! Part 2 is for patrons only and you get a sneak peak on the nitty gritty tactics he employs in specific match ups!

Listen to part 1

Listen to part 2

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