Necrons vs Harlequins: Stream Match

Hello Art of War fans! Join us on twitch at 1pm ET tomorrow, October 24th, for a Xenos smack down!

Harlequins and Necrons are considered two of the best Xenos factions, so we are pitting them against eachother to find out which is the baddest Alien faction around! Nick Nanavati has finally decided to change his approach with the Harlequins, adopting a much more aggressive style of Aeldari list. With fast shining spear units, more Mortal Wound output, and the high quality close combat provided by the clowns, he’s looking to leave the corner and start hitting things as hard as possible! Richard Siegler will be trying out a new approach to Necrons, bringing the silver hordes of Novokh for the first time! There’s a lot of Necron warriors surrounding the Silent King, will they be able to overcome the perfidious Aeldari in this rematch of the War in Heaven?

Lists can be found below:


Novokh Battalion: -3 cp

Chronomancer, entropic lance, relic: veil of darkness 80

Chronomancer, entropic lance 80

Technomancer, canoptek cloak, -1 cp relic: voltaic staff 80

20 Warriors, Gauss Reaper 260

20 Warriors, Gauss Reaper 260

20 Warriors, Gauss Flayers 260

2 Canoptek Cryptothralls 40

2 Canoptek Cryptothralls 40

9 Scarab Swarm 135

3 Scarab Swarm 45

9 Tomb Blades, 8x twin gauss blaster, 1x twin Tesla carbine 270

Supreme Command +3 cp

The Silent King, Warlord: the triarch’s will 450 +3 cp


Frozen stars battalion

Troupe master- twilight fang, fusion pistol extra pivotal role darkness’s bite 75

Shadowseer- extra pivotal role veil of illusions, domino shroud, sentinel shards of light, twilight pathways WL: player of twilight 115

9 troupes- 7 kisses 168

9 troupes- 7 embraces 161

9 troupes- 7 embraces 161

5 troupes- 3 kisses 88

5 skyweavers- haywire, zephyrglaives 275

Starweaver 80

Craftworld outrider- hunters of ancient relics, savage blades

Farseer- doom executioner 115

Yvraine – gaze of ynead, Unbind souls 120

5 shining Spears- star lance, withdraw 180

5 shining Spears- star lance, withdraw 180

4 shining Spears- star lance, withdraw 145

5 warp spiders- web of deceit 90

1 shadow weaver 50

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