We are live in the War Room with: Blood Angels vs. Craftworlds - 07/05/22

AOWdu Episode 18: Space Wolves Codex Review

Part 1: Space Puppers Codex Review

Adam and the lovely Aron Green dissect the Space Wolves codex from cover to cover, it’s an interesting release that needs a few goes over to really sink in, but jeez there is some power, if it’s not all that hard to find.

Lovely GW made Santa playable! And just before Christmas too!

Part 2: Making that Wolf Pack

Hello everybody, in this episode we go over Aron’s prospective ground zero competitive SW list, Adam builds a meme dreadnought centric one and we review a list sent in by a Patron. Past that we go a bit deeper into ways and means to both weild and combat the things we see as super powerful from this book.

<3 Adam

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