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AOWdu Episode 20: Blood Angels Review

Part 1: The Bloodiest of Angels with TPM

Adam reels in 40k Legend Paul Murphy to delve into the brand new Blood Angels Codex!

This was a hell of a lot of fun and while Paul might not be the most competitive Blood Angels player out there he has consistently played the faction for over 20 years.

Giving you all a heads up that this episode will be going out this week as both Paul and I are going to be hosting the Nova Charitable Foundation fundraiser this week and want to get as much hype going for it as possible. Head on over to novaopenfoundation.org and grab some raffle tickets if you are at all interested! All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders and my god there are some awesome prizes, including an incredibly painted Warlord Titan!

<3 Adam

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AOWdu 20.2 Bloody Angels, everywhere

Adam and Paul smash out some lists, talk over a few achetypes and dig through the treasure trove of units that are amazing for BA, hot tip, they are all in the elites slot…..

To download Part 2 you must be an Art of War Down Under Podcast Subscriber or a member of our Patreon.

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