Art of War schedule 1/18 – 1/22

It’s another fantastic week to be a Warhammer player! We’ve got a new codex to talk about, as the implacable Death Guard make their debut on our streams this week! You’ve got to check out our YouTube game tomorrow, 1/19, as Richard’s Blood Angels become the first to face the fury of Mortarion!

You’ll also want to watch the War Room, where Richard and John break down the meta, including tournament results and how the latest codex is shaping their design philosophies. The Death Guard will be back again, this time in a high stakes matchup with the White Scars

Check out the rest of our schedule below:

As always, we have our hang out and hobbies where the Art of War team paints and talks 40k! Come hang out with us, and become a member of our YouTube channel! There, Nick will be making his return to Chaos Daemons on Thursday and is taking his beloved Fateweaver into Richard’s revamped Tau Empire! There’s a ton of things to be excited about in the 40k community right now, and we are here to talk about it! Let us know what you’re looking forward to most this week.

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