Chaos Daemons vs T’au Empire: Stream Match

Howdy Art of War viewers! We have an incredibly exciting matchup coming your way at 1pm EST on YouTube! We have a daemonic resurgence as Nick Nanavati takes his forces of chaos to the table, using the new points from the FAQ to bring back the plague flies! As well, for the first time, Nick is bringing out the diabolical Fateweaver! In the opposite corner is Richard Siegler, returning to the Forces of the Greater Good! Commander Farsight is back, leading the almighty Tau’nar into combat once more! This titanic warmachine is going to provide deadly firepower, and will surely prove problematic for the servants of the Dark Gods, but Tzeentch is cunning, and has a plan for everything…

Richard’s List:

Farsight Enclaves Patrol

Commander Farsight, Warlord: Hero of the Enclaves 130

12 Breachers, Pistols, 1x Guardian Drone, 1x Shield Drone 133

5 Breachers, Pistols, 1x Guardian Drone 55

5 Breachers, Pistols 45

3 Crisis Battlesuits, 3x ATS, 6x Flamers 120

5 Crisis Bodyguards, 10x Airburst Projectors, 5x ATS, 1x Iridium Armor, Prototype: Reactive Countermeasures, -2 cp Veteran Cadre 265

2x Tetras 80

2x Tetras 80

Devilfish, 2x SMS, Burst Cannon 90

Super Heavy Aux, Dalyth Sept

Taunar, 3x Pulse Ordinance Multi Driver, 2x Tri Axis Armor Cannons, 4x Burst Cannons, 4x SMS 1000

Nick’s list:

Daemon battalion

Fateweaver 270

Changecaster- WL Daemonspark, everstave 85

Sloppity bilepiper 65

30 pink horrors- icon 255

30 pink horrors- icon 255

25 plaguebearers- icon 240

3 nurglings

2 beasts of nurgle 70

5 plague drones- icon 190

5 plague drones- icon 190

5 plague drones- icon 190

120 reinforcement points

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