Necrons vs Adeptus Custodes: Stream Match

Howdy Art of War fans! It’s a new year, and that means new stream games for you to watch! Tune in at 1pm EST on our YouTube channel. We have returned from our holiday hiatus and are kicking off 2021 with an exciting matchup between John Lennon’s Adeptus Custodes and Richard Siegler’s Necrons! At the request of our wonderful viewer Gundam, John will be showing off the new dreadnaught rules found in the Imperial Armor update!

Richard has revised his Necron list into it’s latest version, this time with a nice hefty brick of Lychguard backing up usual suspects! The forces of Novokh are a tried and battle hardened list that Richard has spent a while perfecting, which will present a unique obstacle to the Adeptus Custodes! The Custodes are not easily cowed however, and are never easy to take down. It will take quite a lot of effort for the Necrons to drag down the Lions of the Emperor, and surely the Xenos will fall by the score trying!

Shadowkeepers Battalion:

Trajan Valoris 190 Shield Captain on Bike (Hurricane bolter, Auric Aquilis, Superior Creation, Unstoppable Destroyer, Miserecordia) 178

3x Custodian Guard (3x Shield/Sword) 168

3x Custodian Guard (3x Shield/Sword) 168

3x Custodian Guard (3x Shield/Sword) 168

Galatus Dreadnaught (Eternal Penitent) 170

Galatus Dreadnaught (Eternal Penitent) 170

Vexillus Praetor (Imperius, Storm Shield, Miserecordia, Castellan’s Mark) 118

5x Aquilon Terminators (5x Bolter, 5x Gauntlet, 5x Miserecordia) 390

Telemon Dreadnaught (Storm Cannon, Caestus, Eternal Penitent) 275

Novokh Patrol

Catacomb Command Barge, Gauss Cannon, res orb, -1 cp trait: Enduring Will, -1 cp relic: Voltaic Staff 180

Chronomancer, entropic lance, relic: veil of darkness 80

Dynastic Advisor: Chronomancer, hyper material ablator 105

Bound Creations: 2 Cryptothralls 40

20 Warriors, Gauss Reapers 260

20 Warriors, Gauss Reapers 260

5 Flayed Ones 65

10 Lychguard, Dispersion Shields, Hyperphase Swords 280

9 Scarab Swarm 135

Ghost Ark 145

Supreme Command

The Silent King, Warlord: The Triarch’s Will 450


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