New Death Guardvs White Scars: War Room Match

The Death Guard are back! Check out our next stream game at 5pm EST in the war room. With a new codex and a dominant win over the Sons of Sanguinis, the Death Guard are back for another challenge! Mark Perry takes the Death Guard against the undefeated White Scars! John Lennon has made several changes to his list to help combat the scions of Nurgle, but will it be enough to overcome the innate toughness of the Death Guard?

Mark’s list has plenty of defensive buffs and heavy infantry, and it will surely be a struggle to overcome the mass of Terminator Armor, but John’s White Scars have brought along several Multi Melta attack bikes to try and blast the enemy from range! The White Scars have had a long and successful run, but Death Guard seem well positioned to end their reign of terror.

List can be found below:

John’s List:

White Scars battalion:

Khan 110

Reiver Lieutenant (Rites of war, Vox Espiritum) 75

5 infiltrators 120

5 intercessors (Auto Bolt rifle) 100

5 Intercessors (Auto Bolt rifle) 100

4 bladeguard veterans 140

Primaris Apothecary (Chief, warlord, Selfless healer, Plume of the Plainsrunner) 95

2 company vets 40

10 Vanguard Veterans (LC/SS) 280

5 Vanguard Veterans (LC/SS) 140

5 Vanguard Veterans (LC/SS) 140

6 Inceptors (plasma) 330

3x Attack Bikes (Multi Melta) 165

3x Attack Bikes (Multi Melta) 165

Mark’s List

Moratrion anvil batt

Lord of contagion warlord gloaming bloat Orb manreaper Virulent fever 145

Plague Caster (Putrescent vitality Gift of plague) 95

5 blightlords Reaper autocannon Axes 205

5 blightlords Reaper autocannon Swords 205

5 deathshouds -1 cp relic reaper of glorious entropy 250

5 possessed 120

5 possessed 120

10 poxwalkers 50

19 poxwalkers 95

18 poxwalkers 90

Ferrymen outrider

Deamon prince Wings Spewer Sword Gift of contagion – 1cp warlord trait the drowning

Plague surgeon – 1cp warlord trait living plague – 1cp furgis helm 75

Foulblight spawn Relic revolting stench vats 75

Bloat Drone (plague spewers) 130

Bloat Drone (plague spewers) 130

Chaos Spawn 23

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