This week in the Art of War 1/25 – 1/29

Happy Monday, Warhammer players! The Art of War is back with another action-packed week! Make sure to join us for a Hang out and Hobby session on our YouTube channel, where we’ll be talking about all of the 40k news from this weekend! As well, check out the debut of the Black Templars in a battle for armageddon with the Orks, as well as another Death Guard battle, this time into the Adeptus Mechanicus!

You’ll also want to watch the War Room, where Brad Chester and Archon Skari break down the meta, including tournament results from the Australian ITC champs event! We have plenty of clinics covering tons of factions, and we will continue to put the Death Guard through their paces into the combined forces of the Sororitas and Astra Militarum.

Check out the rest of our schedule below:

We hope you can join us for our hobby and game streams on our YouTube channel! There’s a ton of things to be excited about in the 40k community right now, and we are here to talk about it! Let us know what you’re looking forward to most this week.

Nick, out

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