We are live in the War Room with: Meta Monday Ridvan and Brad - 07/04/22

2/8 – 2/12 This week in the Art of War

Happy Monday, Warhammer players! The Art of War is bringing you a full slate of games! Make sure to join us for a Hang out and Hobby session on our YouTube channel, where we’ll be talking about all of the 40k news from this weekend! The Dark Angels continue their new codex rampage, and this time they’re going monster hunting on Tuesday at 1pm EST. Then on Thursday, the Hive Fleets return for a xenos grudge match between the Tyranids and Craftworlds!

You’ll also want to watch the War Room, where Richard Siegler and Ridvan “Skari” Martinez break down the meta, and what to expect moving forward! We have plenty of clinics covering tons of factions, and an exciting game between the Death Guard and the forces of the Necrons!

Check out the rest of our schedule below:

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