Blood Angels vs Necrons: Stream Game

Hello all! Join us on YouTube at 1pm EST for a subscriber request match between Richard Siegler’s Necrons and John Lennon’s Blood Angels! Commander Dante leads the sons of Sanguinus to battle against the undying legions of the Necrontyr. This Blood Angels list has plenty of punch, to better destroy the enemy. Richard, meanwhile, is bringing out Immortals for the first time! With extra long ranged firepower, the sons of Sanguinis are going to need to close the distance quickly!

Richard’s Necrons:

Novokh Battalion -3cp

Chronomancer, Entropic Lance, relic: Veil of Darkness 80

Chronomancer, Entropic Lance 80

Lord, Res Orb, Staff of Light, -1 cp relic: Voltaic Staff, -1 cp trait: Inspiring Aura 100

20 Warriors, Gauss Reapers 260

20 Warriors, Gauss Reapers 260

10 Immortals, Gauss Blasters 170

10 Immortals, Gauss Blasters 170

10 Lychguard, Hyper-phase Sword and Dispersion Shield 280

5 Scarab Swarm 75

5 Scarab Swarm 75

Szarekhan Supreme Command +3 cp

The Silent King, Warlord +3 cp 450

John’s List:

Blood Angels Battalion

Commander Dante 175

Librarian (Unleash Rage, Null Zone Shield of Sanguinius, Wings of Sanguinius, Boltgun, Chapter Command: Chief Librarian, Force sword, Jump Pack, Tome of Malcador) 125

Sanguinary Priest (Chainsword, Bolt pistol, Chapter Command: Chief Apothecary, Icon of The Angel, Jump Pack, Selfless Healer, Warlord) 135

5x Incursor Squad 105

5x Intercessor Squad (Bolt Rifles) 100

5x Intercessor Squad (Bolt Rifles) 100

5x Death Company (5x Hammers, Jump Packs) 200

Sanguinary Ancient (Angelus boltgun, Encarmine sword, Wrath of Baal) 125

10x Sanguinary Guard (8x Sword, 2x Fist) 310

10x Vanguard Veterans (Jump Packs, 10x Lightning Claws, 10x Storm Shields) 280

5x Inceptors (plasma) 275

Land Speeder Storm 55

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