Dark Angels vs Chaos Stream Match

Guess who’s back? Well, it’s not Lion El’Johnson yet, but his sons are returning to the battlefield in their war against Chaos! John Lennon takes the first legion out for another crusade against the forces of the warp, this time a monster mash led by the one and only Mark Perry!

The knights of caliban are renowned monster hunters, but these chaos monstrosities are bigger and tougher than your average monster! With Magnus leading the charge, the deathwing will be hard pressed to clear these large beasties off the table! Make sure to catch the game at 1pm EST on our YouTube channel!

Mark’s list:

supreme command

Magnus Warlord Doombolt Infernal gateway Weaver of fate Warptime 445

Thousand sons Cult of magic Patrol Ahriman on disc Firestorm Warptime Infernal gaze 170

Exalted sorcerer on disc Relic helm of third eye -1 cp warlord devastating sorcerery Glamour of tzeetch Infernal gaze 120

10 cultists 60

Deamon patrol

Exalted lord of change Gaze of fate Infernal gateway Bolt of change Rolling for exalted Impossible robe 270

Exalted bloodthirster of information rage Armor of scorn Exalted blood blessed 250

30 bloodletters Icon Instrument -1cp banner of rage 265

3 nurgling 66

5 plague drones 175

5 plague drones 175

John’s list:

Deathwing Vanguard

Azrael (warlord) 170

Ezekiel (Mind Worm, Engulfing Fear, Mind Wipe) 125

10x Terminators (5x TH/SS, 5x LC/LC, Watcher) 385

Bladeguard ancient (Banner LD remembrance, trait: Rites of War) 85

2x Deathwing Command (2x TH/SS, watcher) 95

2x Deathwing Command (2x TH/SS) 90

2x Deathwing Command (2x TH/SS) 90

Chief Ravenwing Apothecary (Selfless Healer, Reliquary of the Repentant) 115

Dark Angels Outrider

Talonmaster 160

Talonmaster 160

4x Servitors 30

4x Servitors 30

3x Attack Bikes (2x Multi Melta, 1x Heavy Bolter) 155

3x Attack Bikes (2x Multi Melta, 1x Heavy Bolter) 155

3x Attack Bikes (2x Multi Melta, 1x Heavy Bolter) 155

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