Death Guard/EC vs Sisters/Custodes Stream Match

Hello Art of War fans! We have an exciting matchup coming your way with Mortarion making a return to the table, but this time he is not alone! Bringing along the forces of the Emperor’s children, these two chaos legions have different playstyles to compliment eachother, and the sorcerer Ahriman is lurking behind the scenes… Their competition will be Nick Nanavati’s Sisters of Battle and Custodes! This army is an evolution of the list that won the Las Vegas Nopen, bringing back the shield wall to crush all who oppose it!

Make sure to check this game out on YouTube at 1pm EST today!

Lists can be found below:

Mark’s list:

Emperor children Patrol

Deamon prince wings Delightful agonies Sword 195

Dank apostle Relic raiment of the maravilglia 80

Dark disciples 10

15 noise marine’s Solo Lightning claw champion 2 blast masters 13 sonic blasters Icon of excess 340

10 terminators -2 cp combat elixirs 8 bolters 10 claws 2 reapers Icon of excess 300

3 mutilators 105

Heretic astartes Patrol

Ahriman on disc Warptime Prescience Diabolic strength 170

17 poxwalkers 85

3 deathshrouds 150

Foul blightspawn Relic revolting stench vats 75

Supreme command

Mortarion Warlord Putrescent vitality Miasma Plague wind 490

Nick’s List:

Bloody rose battalion

Cannoness- warlord beacon of faith, litany of faith 50

Missionary 45

5 sisters 55

5 sisters 55

5 sisters 55

9 repentia 144

8 repentia 128

5 retributors- 3 multi meltas, 2 cherubs, simulacrum 140

5 retributors- 3 multi meltas, 2 cherubs, simulacrum 140

5 retributors- 3 multi meltas, 2 cherubs, simulacrum 140

Rhino 80

Rhino 80

Custodes patrol- shadow keepers

Shield captain on bike- extra warlord trait: superior creation, extra relic: auric Aquila’s, captain commander: indomitable constitution 175

Trajan 190

5 custodes guard- storm shields 260

5 custodes guard- storm shields 260


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