Necrons vs Death Guard Coaching Match

We’re back with game two of our Thursday double header! This time, Nick Nanavati takes his Death Guard into Richard Siegler’s Necrons! The nigh-immortal scions of Mortarion face off against the legion of… also immortals? Richard is back with new innovations on his Novokh army, bringing out more immortals to provide extra ranged firepower in this evolving meta!

Both lists have evolved for more shooting than previous iterations, but still bring their unique durability and playstyles to the battle! This is going to be an absolute grind to wear down the foe! Check this game out in the war room at 5pm EST!

Richard’s List:

Novokh Battalion -3 cp

Anrakyr the Traveler -1 cp trait: Implacable Conqueror 140

Lord, staff of light, res orb, -1 cp relic: voltaic staff 100

Chronomancer, entropic lance, relic: veil of darkness 80

10 Immortals, Gauss Blaster 170

10 Immortals, Gauss Blaster 170

10 Immortals, Gauss Blaster 170

20 Warriors, Gauss Reapers 260

10 Lychguard, Dispersion Shields, Hyperphase Swords 280

9 Scarab Swarm 135

3 Scarabs 45

Supreme Command +3 cp

The Silent King, Warlord: The Triarch’s Will 450 +3 cp

Nick’s List:

Inexorable Vanguard

Lord of Virulence- Virulent Fever, Extra WL- Arch Contaminator 140

3 Death Shrouds- Chimes 165

9 Blightlords 360

Tallyman-Extra Relic toll keeper, Extra WL trait Ferric Blight 70

Biologus Purtifer 65

Contemptor Dreadnought- 2 volkite blasters 150

10 Pox Walkers 50

10 Pox Walkers 50

Bloat Drone- Flesh mower 135

Chaos Spawn 23

Plague burst crawler- entropy cannons 175

Plague burst crawler- entropy cannons 175

Ferrymen Patrol

Typhus- miasma, gift of plagues 165

3 Death Shrouds 150

Foul Blighttspawn- Rotten Stench Vats, WL- Living Plague

10 Pox Walkers 50

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