This week in the Art of War 2/22 – 2/26

Happy Monday, Warhammer players! The Art of War is bringing you a full slate of games! Make sure to join us for a Hang out and Hobby session on our YouTube channel, where we’ll be talking about all of the 40k news from this weekend! First up is a grudge match between two of the shootiest armies in 40k, the Imperial Guard and Tau Empire! Then on Thursday, the legions of chaos ally again to take on the undying legions of Nemesor Nick!

You’ll also want to watch the War Room, where Brad Chester and Ridvan “Skari” Martinez break down the meta, and what to expect moving forward! We have plenty of clinics covering tons of factions, and an exciting game between the Harlequins and their mortal enemies, the daemons of slaanesh!

Check out the rest of our schedule below:


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