Tyranids vs Death Guard coaching game

Welcome, Art of War fans, to another Tuesday stream match! John takes the Tyranid Hive Fleets into Nick’s Death guard! This is a wonderful matchup between speed and durability, but both forces are packing plenty of power to tear down the foe! Check out the stream on YouTube at 1pm EST today!

Lists can be found below:

John’s List:

Hive Fleet Kronos patrol:

Neurothrope (symbiostorm) 95

3x Rippers 36

6x Hive Guard (Impaler Cannons, Enhanced resistance) 270

Exocrine 170

Hive Fleet Kraken Battalion

The Swarmlord (Catalyst, Paroxysm, Warlord: Adaptation) 270

Hive Tyrant (Wings, Adrenal Glands, Rending Claws, Devourers, Onslaught, Psychic Scream, Murderous Size) 210

10 Hormagaunts 60

10 Hormagaunts 60

20 Hormagaunts 120

30 Termagants (30 Devourers) 210

Dimachaeron 230

Dimachaeron 230

Nick’s List:

Inexorable Vanguard

Lord of Virulence- Virulent Fever, Extra WL- Ferric Blight 140

3 Death Shrouds- Chimes 165

9 Blightlords 360

Tallyman-Extra Relic toll keeper, Extra WL trait Arch Contaminaor 70

Biologus Purtifer 65

Contemptor Dreadnought- 2 volkite blasters 150

10 Pox Walkers 50

10 Pox Walkers 50

Bloat Drone- Flesh mower 135

Plague burst crawler- entropy cannons 175

Plague burst crawler- entropy cannons 175

Ferrymen Patrol

Typhus- miasma, gift of plagues 165

3 Death Shrouds 150

Foul Blightspawn- Rotten Stench Vats, WL- the Droning

Chaos Spawn 23

10 Pox Walkers 50

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  1. Nick why the inexorable? Just for the -2 charge strat? The -1 ap looks good in theory but it never seems to come into play that much. Certainly not for the contemptor. Even the terminators seem to rarely use it. Wouldn’t you be better served with the anvil’s gloaming bloat or a ferrymen battalion for more cp?