3/8/21 – 3/12/21 This week in the Art of War

Hey, 40k friends! It’s another wild week in the Art of War, and we are here to give you all the insider details on competitive 40k!

Make sure to check out The War Room, where we host all of our weekly clinics! Check out Meta Monday, where John Lennon and Matt Morossoli break down where we stand. We also have a tournament prep clinic with Brad Chester and Nick Nanavati this Wednesday! You’ll also want to see Thursday’s coaching match when the Dark Angels take on Nick’s latest tournament list!

We have some great stream games on our YouTube channel this week, as the White Scars play into the bash brothers, and Richard’s Enclaves take on Nick’s Sisters!

We’re packed full of great content for all factions this week, so make sure to tune in to all of the action and let us know what you’re looking forward to most!

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