We are live in the War Room with: WTC Clinic Episode 11 - 07/04/22

White Scars vs Bash Bros Stream Match

What’s up 40k fans, we have another great matchup coming your way with Nick and John going head to head, in a classic matchup between the White Scars and the twin Daemon Primarchs, Magnus and Mortarion! Check out the action at 1pm EST on YouTube.

This is going to be a legendary battle, as the forces of chaos try to overwhelm the Space Marines with a tide of Mortal Wounds, and Kor’sarro Khan seeks to put an end to the greatest enemies of the Imperium!

White Scars Battalion:

Kor’sarro Khan 110

Reiver Lieutenant (Rites of war, Vox Espiritum) 75

5 infiltrators 120

5 intercessors (auto bolt) 100

5 Intercessors (auto bolt) 100

4 bladeguard 140

Primaris Apothecary (Chief, Selfless healer, Plume of the Plainsrunner) 95

2 Company veterans 40

10 Vanguard Veterans (Lightning Claw/Storm Shield) 280

5 Vanguard Veterans (Lightning Claw/Storm Shield) 140

5 Vanguard Veterans (Lightning Claw/Storm Shield) 140

6 Inceptors (plasma) 330

3x Attack Bikes (Multi Melta) 165

3x Attack Bikes (Multi Melta) 165

Daemon battalion :

Lord of change impossible robe, exalted (roll), infernal gateway, gaze of fate, bolt of change 270

Poxbringer- fleshy abundance 75

30 pink horrors- banner 255

10 pink horrors 80

10 pink horrors 80

3 nurglings 66

Super heavy auxiliary:

Magnus- warp time, weaver of fates, doom bolt 465

Supreme Command Detachment:

Mortarion- curse of leper, -1 strength, miasma (Warlord) 490

219 summoning points

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