Genestealer Cult Clinic

Alex Macdougal and John Lennon discuss secret tactics in the shadows!

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  1. Hey folks, hopefully this is the right spot to put a question. Do you think there is any potential in list which leans into acolyte hybrids in transports supported by Tyranid shooting?

  2. YES!!! Thank you so much for doing a GSC one – I requested this a little while back!

  3. Is there a pure GSC list that could actually work in 9th? If not – how could the GSC be best incorporated into the Double Dima list?

  4. Any chance you can discuss Eric Tadt’s list that went 5-3 at Dallas? He ran Pauper Princes rock cutter Acolyte spam. PP gives full rerolls in melee, allowing to save the points on on cult banners and overcomes the -1 to hit on cutters. Cutters allow killing of things with awkward wound counts and ignores FNP entirely. Also PP WL allows 2+ unquestioning loyalty. Personally I prefer Twisted Helix still for the utility, but wonder if there’s room for debate.

    Also would like to hear if either of you has had success running Magus with Undermine (4AE spell) for movement control, as well as running 4 man jackal squads as super-fast mobile screening (only 56 points, can be stretched much further than 10 man Neo or 5 man Acos).

  5. I’m confused..
    an hour ago, a count-down timer started for the event…
    but now, after it should be on, it says “even not started yet”.
    Eh !?

  6. Looks like an awesome video, but the schedule times were wonky & now it won’t play.