We are live in the War Room with: Math Hammer Monday Brad and Adam - 07/05/22

Schedule 5/10 to 5/14

Hello Art of War fans, and welcome back to another wonderful week as we prepare for a full slate of games and clinics! We have some exciting tournament coverage this week in the War Room, as Brad and Matt talk in Meta Monday about last weekend’s results, including the Red River GT! We’ll also have a clinic on Friday previewing the Maryland Open!

There’s two more great games coming on YouTube, as Nick tries adding some Harlequins to the current Drukhari menace and faces off with John’s combined Custodes and Guard! Then, Nick returns to his chaos roots and brings in a soup of Daemons and Death Guard to try and tear down the might of the sons of Guilliman!

As always, we have two Hobby streams heading your way at 1pm on Monday and Wednesday, so tune in to our YouTube channel!

Finally, don’t forget to tag in to the War Room on Thursday at 5pm EST as new Art of War coach Jack Harpster tests his mettle against Richard’s latest Adeptus Mechanicus list!

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