This week in the Art of War 5/24 – 5/28

Hello Art of War fans! It’s another wonderful week with the Art of War, and we have plenty of great content coming your way! In today’s Meta Monday in The War Room, Brad Chester and the Archon Skari will talk about a weekend packed full of events, as they talk about the Alamo GT, Weekend at Horus’, Salty Alliance and more!

We are kicking off the week with the brand new Adeptus Mechanicus codex, as the Lord of Mars takes the field against Nick Nanavati’s Death Guard! Then, new Art of War coach Jack Harpster takes his Sisters of Battle into a highly requested showdown with the Drukhari menace! Then, we bring the two latest codexes to a War Room grudge match to determine who the top dog is of this new meta!

We will be hosting a variety of awesome clinics, including an all AdMech clinic where John Lennon and Richard Siegler dive into the mysteries of the Omnissiah!

As always, there is Art of War Merch available on our website right now! Get T shirts, objectives, hoodies and more!


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  1. The Mar. 26th “Strategy Session” was very interesting & useful.
    Nice & short. Just one person talking.
    More videos like this would be great – they would be my first choice.

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