This Week in Art of War

Hello Art of War friends and family! This week is a bit content-light compared to normal due to five of our coaches attending the Atlantic City Open Super Major! Brad Chester (Drukhari), Nick Nanavati (Drukhari), Richard Sielger (Ta’u), Jack Harpster (Death Watch), and John Lennon (Ultramarines) will all be duking it out with hundreds of other competitors. Wish us luck!

Don’t worry though we have some very exciting content for you still. This Monday on youtube The Great Unclean One himself Mark Perry will be back to try out his Ynnari against Mr. Seegs and his Robot warrior Necrons!

In the War Room on Tuesday at 6pm we have Jack Harpster busting out the brand new shiny Adepta Sororitas against Mr. Seegs and his new Ad Mech! Is the power creep real?! Find out in the War Room

Come say hi to us at ACO if you’re going to be there, it should be a blast! We will be back with tons of content as per usual next week. In the mean time don’t forget to check out all of our latest podcasts and youtube videos to get your 40k fix!

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