This Week in Art of War 7/26-8/1

Hello, Art of War Family! We have some super exciting news from this weekend. Our very own John Lennon won the first-ever Lone Star Open with his Sisters of Battle! Adam Cammalleri from Art of War Down Under and AoW coach Ridvan “Skari” Martinez did a fantastic job commentating from two different countries as well! What a magically fantastical weekend!

To celebrate John’s victory we’re going to show off his Super Major winning Sisters against Nick and his marvelous return to Chaos with Belakor and his disciples live on youtube on Tuesday at 1pm EST!

Don’t even think for a second that we’ve forgotten the Ork hype though! On Thursday we have double header of our new green friends. First Mark Perry will try his new Orks against Jack Harpster’s Black Templars on youtube at 1pm EST. Then we get some extra excitement in the War Room as Nick Nanavati shows off his newly found literacy with the new Orks against Richard Siegler’s Ad Mech! Will the new Orks have what it takes to bring down the undefeated robot tide?

That’s not all of course though, in the War Room we will also have our usual slew of clinics. This week featuring an Ork clinic, Ad Mech, Astartes, Chaos, and a double dose of Math Hammer!!

Finally, because all that wasn’t enough. We’re doing a live Lone Star Open recap on youtube at 1pm EST on Wednesday with the boy king John Lennon himself. Don’t miss out on the chance to hear first hand about his dominating victory!

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