This week in the Art of War 7/12 – 7/16

Hello, Art of War fans! It’s an exciting week for Warhammer as the summer speeds along with no breaks! The rules train is picking up full steam, as the Book of Fire is released into the wild this week and a green tide lurks on the horizon… This week is all about the imperium and Chaos as we prepare for next week’s Ork party!

To start off this week, the Order of the Martyred Lady takes on a Skitarii Veteran Cohort as John and Rich try out new rules! Then on Thursday, Jack brings out the Deathwatch to challenge Mark’s Chaos in this week’s subscriber match!

As always, there’s a ton of great clinics in the War Room this week, from Sororitas and AdMech to Space Marines and Chaos! To wrap it all up, this week’s coaching match features Mark Perry bringout out Bel’akors army of renown to take on Jack’s revised Sisters of battle as he prepares for a tournament!

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