We are live in the War Room with: Math Hammer Monday Brad and Adam - 07/05/22

This week in the Art of War 7/5 – 7/9/21

Hello, Art of War fans! It’s another wonderful week with the Art of War, and we have plenty of great content coming your way! After a slow weekend without many events, the gang is back at it, testing out new ideas and preparing for a full month!

This week, we’re bringing back the Grey Knights of Titan against the Adepta Sororitas, and then Jack Harpster is bringing out his take on some aggressive Blood Angels against Nick’s Death Guard!

As always, there’s a ton of great clinics in the War Room this week, from Sororitas and Aeldari to Space Marines and Chaos! To wrap it all up, this week’s coaching match features Nick’s Drukhari facing off with Richard’s refined AdMech, in a matchup of the two top armies in the game!

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