Nick Nanavati’s Charity Hammer Experience!

Hello all, I’m Nick Nanavati from Art of War and I wanted to share with you my thoughts and experiences from my own personal perspective. Charity Hammer is an annual charity event that’s centered around running multiple continuous 40k streams for days on end in an effort to raise money for Child’s Play, a foundation for helping sick children in the hospital. This was Charity Hammer’s third year running. In the first year we raised $8,500 on our $5,000 goal. In the second we raised $17,500 on our $10,000 goal. And this year, in year three we raised $38,000 on our $20,000 goal.

            In total, that is over $60,000 dollars donated for sick children by this community. By OUR community.

            I’ve attended Charity Hammer since the beginning, and I’ve had a marvelous time each and every year. Charity Hammer brings together the absolute best of our hobby. Content creators, professional players, and ambassadors of the game all gather together with one single purpose; and that is to represent the hobby in the best way possible to raise money for a great cause.

“In total, that is over $60,000 dollars donated for sick children by this community.”

            It’s been my absolute honor and pleasure to be on the forefront of making such a positive tangible difference in the world with what started out to me as nothing more than a game. The people and friends I’ve come to meet through this are of the highest quality, and I’ve played some of the most fun games of 40k ever at 6am after pulling the midnight shift.

            That said, I am just a cog in the wheel in the production of Charity Hammer. That honor goes a team of so many people, but there is one that I need to mention. My former coaching client Colin Sherman.

Colin is the head organizer of Charity Hammer, and more people need to know his story. Colin has opened up his home to an endless stream of gamers year after year as the venue for Charity Hammer. This year he did so to somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 people. That’s ~40 gamers coming and going in and out of his house as they please. He took on the task of feeding those 40 gamers and did his best to accommodate their individual dietary restrictions. He made sure they all had arrangements on where to stay (the vast majority being his living room floor). He organized all of the transportation to and from the venue. The list goes on. If you ask Colin he would not tell you about how much it sucked. He would not bore you with a list of logistical changes he overcame. He would tell you about how proud he is to have raised so much money for charity.

I’ve watched Colin grow as a player over the years, at first into a multi GT winner with just a bit of tutelage. I’ve watched him grow into a successful content creator on his podcast Best in Faction. And now to see his passion for the game manifest into a charitable event that brings the community together in the best of ways and raises a truly significant amount of money for a great cause.

This is why I do what I do. I’m so proud to be a member of this community. The people who make up “Warhammmer 40k players” come from all walks of life, and we can all come together to make a real positive difference in the world with our love and passion for the hobby. That’s what it’s about.

– Nick Nanavati

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