This week in the Art of War 8/16 – 8/20

Hello, Art of War Family! What a great weekend! We’re coming back from a wild event in Orlando, where the Art of War swept the podium at a very well-run event, the first in years from Games Workshop! Richard took the top prize with Forge World Metallica, narrowly defeating John’s Sisters in the final game! We’ll be covering the results in full today on our YouTube channel, and in the War Room!

After two crazy weekends of gaming, the Art of War is back to a normal schedule! If you want to read about Nick’s experience at Charity Hammer, check it out here! There was a full weekend of events, which Brad and Skari will be breaking down in the War Room! We’ll also be breaking down the new Grey Knight and Thousand Sons codexes in this week’s clinics, along with the sons of Magnus returning for a coaching game against the White Scars!

We have a pair of excellent stream matches on YouTube this week, when John takes a Tyranid Monster-Mash against Nick’s Wych Cult army! Then, Mark Perry returns with the latest version of his Orks to face off with Richard’s Grey Knights as we put these two new codexes head to head!


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