We are live in the War Room with: Blood Angels vs. Craftworlds - 07/05/22

This week in the Art of War 8/2 – 8/6

Hello, Art of War Family! We have a fantastic week coming up, with a frontloaded schedule of clinics followed by a wonderful Charitable cause! John, Nick and Mark are all headed north to participate in Charity Hammer, an event hosted by the Best In Faction podcast to support Child’s Play! There will be three days of non-stop action on multiple channels, including our own YouTube channel!

We’ll be talking more about this event at 1pm on Monday , before our usual Meta Monday and 40k Today segments! Do I even need to mention our AdMech, Ork and Astartes Clinics in the War Room?

We’re still running all of the games you have come to expect, with two exciting matchups on YouTube this week! First up, Nick returns to Space Wolves as the Silent King takes the field once again! Then on Thursday, Jack and Richard meet again as the resurgent Iron Hands take on the Golden Legions of the Custodes!

That’s not all of course though, in the War Room we are bringing back our “Stress Test” style reports as Richard and Jack start to practice for the GW Open event in Orlando!

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