This week in the Art of War 8/23 – 8/27

Hello, Art of War Family! It’s a wonderful Monday morning, and a great week to be playing Warhammer! We are back in action showing off new rules, as we continue to test both of the latest Psychic Powerhouses! We start the week off with a Grey Knights discussion on our YouTube channel, followed up by Meta Monday in the War Room!

We have two electric stream games as normal, where we are showing off a bevy of power armor! First up, the Grey Knights take on the Emperor’s Spears in a subscriber request match, and then Jack and John do a Space Marine mirror! Which melee chapter will emerge supreme in White Scars vs Blood Angels?

The Art of War team is breaking down some of the top armies in this week’s clinics, as we are talking about everything from Chaos to Aeldari to the Imperium at large! Make sure to join us live so that you can interact with the coaches and ask any questions you may have!

This week in the war room, we are also bringing back Mark and the Orks for another shot at one of the latest armies, this time the Thousand Sons being run by Jack Harpster!

It’s a great week to be playing warhammer, so let us know what you are most excited about and what you are looking forward to!

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