This week in the Art of War 9/13 – 9/17

Welcome to another great week of 40k! The Art of War team is ready to spread some wisdom, with a full host of clinics and videos to enjoy! We have plenty of action this week!

Join us on Monday for a Youtube session where Richard and Nick interview the minds behind the Tabletop simulator Alpha league! Want to learn more about this growing community? Check it out on YouTube!

We also have plenty of games coming your way, with Richard’s necrons coming back to battle against John’s Custodes! Then on Thursday, Richard’s Grey Knights are back to take on Nick’s combined Aeldari!

Then, the games continue in the War Room when Jack takes his Black Templar’s against John’s Sisters of Battle!

You also may have noticed that there are several new additions to the War Room! Join us for a special segment “Know thy Foe” where Brad and John break down the best ways to combat AdMech, before taking on all sorts of hot topics in “Pros and Khans” on Wednesday. Finally, we have a LIVE discussion on Friday in the War Room Social! All members can come join the discussion on Zoom to chat with the coaches!


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