This week in the Art of War 9/20 – 9/24

Welcome to another great week of 40k! The Art of War team is ready to spread some wisdom, with a full host of clinics and videos to enjoy! We have plenty of action this week!

The team is preparing for a trip to Las Vegas, where we will be competing in a large team tournament! Five of your coaches will be in attendance, and we’ll even have a special clinic previewing the action on Friday!

One of the focuses this week will be on the Grey Knights, as Nick takes them in back-to-back games as he learns more about the Sons of Titan! First, he’ll be challenging Jack’s Drukhari on YouTube, before he faces the full might of John’s Space Marines in the War Room!

There’s a full slate of clinics too, where Alex Macdougal will be talking about how he won a GT with the Forces of the Hive Mind, as well as a faction breakdown of Drukhari and discussion on Salamanders in our Astartes Clinic!

Let us know what you’re most looking forward to this week as the gang gets ready for Las Vegas!


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