This week in the Art of War 9/6 – 9/10

Welcome to another great week of 40k! The Art of War team is ready to spread some wisdom, with a full host of clinics and videos to enjoy! Want to watch Nick return to the forces of the Death Guard for the first time in months? Check out his game against Jack’s Drukhari on Tuesday!

Join us on Monday for a Youtube session where Richard and Nick discuss the top 5 builds in Warhammer 40k! Then, Brad and Siegler will talk about the week in 40k during 40k Today!

We have a host of clinics ranging from Drukhari to Astartes, and Nick continues his series of Strategy Sessions by breaking down mission 13! Then, the action continues in the War Room when Richard takes the Adeptus Mechanicus out once more, this time against Mark Perry’s Orks!


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