This week in the Art of War 10/11 – 10/15/21

What a week! The 40k release schedule is back at full speed, and the Art of War is here to be your guide in these strange times! The Black Templars are here with zealous new rules and models, and we’ll be breaking them down today at 1pm on YouTube!

We;re also covering everything going on in the meta this week! Brad Chester is fresh off of a major win at the Michigan GT, and will be talking all about it on Meta Monday in the War Room!

We still have plenty of clinics to cover, where the coaches will talk about everything from Thousand Sons to countering Orks! And, several coaches are taking a trip down to Orlando for the Crucible GT, so tune in to a tournament preview on Friday where Adam Camilleri joins us to preview the event and their lists!

We’ll also be debuting the brand new Black Templar rules this week, first up against the ancient Necrons on Tuesday on YouTube, before they take on John’s revised Sisters list in the War Room! Mark’s Orks will also be back on the channel on Thursday, when Nick’s Grey Knights try to stand before the speedwaagh!

Let us know what you’re most looking forward to, and tune in next week as Octarius approaches…

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