This Week in the Art of War 10/18 – 10/22/21

It’s a beautiful week in the Art of War neighborhood! We have a brand new campaign supplement, and this week’s schedule is full of content focused around the newest rules, and what kind of splash they’ll make in the 40k scene!

We kick the week off with a series of Hot Takes on all of the armies featured in Warzone: Octarius on YouTube, and we’ll be following it up with clinics in the War Room for Tyranids, Deathwatch and Guard!

Make sure to tune in for our first games testing out the new rules, as we first pit the new Tyranids against the foremost Xenos hunters of the Imperium! Then, the humble Imperial Guard return with rejuvenated rules against the mighty Black Templars! There’s yet more action in the War Room, as John takes Hive Fleet Leviathan up against the shining Knights of Titan!

There’s plenty to watch this week, and the coaches are buzzing with excitement to spread some more love and learning with so many new rules coming into the game! Let us know what you’re looking forward to the most this week!


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