This week in the Art of War 11/1 – 11/5/21

Happy Monday, Warhammer fanatics! Its a brand new week, and there is plenty to discuss! We have a full schedule this week packed with quality content and analysis on the game we love!

As always, we’re starting the week off on YouTube, this time with John and Richard talking about tournament formats and their merits! Make sure to stay tuned for a 40k today where Brad weighs in on a weekend full of announcements, including the next two codexes! Best of all, we are bringing back the Tier List on friday, where John and Richard rank every faction in the game!

We also have a full mix of games this week, with the Adeptus Custodes returning to take on the Sons of Titan! Then, Nick is bringing a tournament winning Aeldari list into battle against John’s Adepta Sororitas!

There’s always plenty to see in the War Room, where the coaches will be talking about tournaments, debating the meta, and teaching clinics as always! We also have a barn burner of a coaching match, with Richard’s Adeptus Mechanicus taking on John’s newest Tyranid list!

Let us know what you’re looking forward to the most!


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