This week in the Art of War 11/15 – 11/19/21

Happy Monday, warhammer fanatics! The Art of War team is serving up a jam-packed schedule before heading off the the Games Workshop event on Austin! The team also finished off a successful weekend at Warzone: Atlanta, where all three coaches took top 8 and Jack Harpster completed a masterful 8-0 run with the Grey Knights to earn the title of Warmaster!

We’re still reacting to that huge FAQ last week, and we’re making sure to catch everyone up to speed with an updated Tier List on YouTube! The coaches will also be working hard in the War Room on Meta Monday, and trying out their ideas in a stress testing game as we gear up for Austin!

We’ll continue to show off some of the newest changes on YouTube when Overlord Siegler takes the field with new <core> Necrons against John’s revitalized Imperial Knights! Then, tune in to some of the best players in the world teaching in the War Room! Brad is teaching a new strategy session, Back to Basics, and Alex MacDougall will be tuning in for a Hive Mind clinic to discuss the Tyranid resurgence!

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