This week in the Art of War 11/29 – 12/3/21

Welcome back, 40k fans! The Art of War is bringing you a fantastic week full of amazing content as we head into the last month of the year! The team is heading back to Texas for the Games Workshop Open finals this weekend, but not before we give you a full slate of streams!

We’ve had another weekend to process the Balance FAQ, and more tournaments to boot! Catch up on what has been going on around the world in Meta Monday, in the War Room, and on the greater community in 40k Today!

We’re also showing off Thousand Sons once more, this time in a grudge match against Jack’s Deathwatch! Can Nick make a triumphant return to Chaos? We’re also showing off a chivalrous duel on Thursday, when John’s Imperial Knights challenge Jack’s Grey Knights! Make sure not to miss our list of the Top 10 stratagems in the game as well!

We have tons of great content this week in the War Room, with clinics breaking down Grey Knights, Tyranids, and more! Brad is teaching a new strategy session series in Back to Basics, and John and Skari will be sitting down to focus on how to beat the newest Drukhari menace, Thicc City!

Let us know what you are most excited about this week!


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