We are live in the War Room with: Blood Angels vs. Craftworlds - 07/05/22

This week in the Art of War 11/8 – 11/12/21

Happy Monday, Warhammer fanatics! The Art of War team is hitting the ground running with another week full of content! The crew is getting ready for a trip to Warzone Atlanta and will be getting ready all week long!

We’re kicking off the week on YouTube, with a 40k today featuring Brad Chester and the Archon Skari! Make sure to catch both of our stream games this week, as two juggernauts collide when the Drukhari face Richard’s AdMech! John’s Tyranids are eager to get in on the action too, and Jack’s Custodes will be fighting hard to avoid becoming lunch…

Want to catch up on the last weekend of events? Tune into Meta Monday in the War Room! We also have plenty of clinics, including an Ork class focused on the latest campaign book, Octarius part 2!

Our coaching game this week will be another stress testing session as John and Jack get ready for Warzone: Atlanta!

Let us know what you’re most looking forward to this week!

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