This week in the Art of War 12/13 – 12/17/21

Welcome to another wonderful week, Art of War fans! We’re returning from New Orleans, where the team brought home another supermajor! This time, John’s Forces of the Hive Mind claimed victory with a bloody game against fellow coach Mark Perry, whose Orks made a fantastic run to the top!

As always, we’ll be covering the action in the War Room! Tune in to meta monday, where the coaches will break down this weekend’s results, and then in 40k today where we talk about the upcoming week!

There’s plenty of great games coming up this week as well, as Richard Siegler returns from convening with the Omnissiah, and will be bringing the Mechanicus into battle against Jack’s Sororitas. Then, he takes on a grudge match against Nick’s Daemons when Commander Farsight takes to the field once more!

There’s plenty more action coming your way in the War Room, as John brings his major winning Tyranids into Richard’s Drukhari once more in this week’s coaching match on Wednesday. We’ll also be debating the hottest topics in Pros and Khans, and much more in this week’s clinics!


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