This week in the Art of War 12/6 – 12/10/21

Happy Monday, Warhammer fanatics! It’s another beautiful week from the Art of War as we bring you a jam-packed schedule! The team is back from Texas, and ready to talk about the new missions and secondaries shown off at the GW finals!

Our first game of the week features a triumphant Waaaagh! as Mark Perry brings his Orks up against Nick’s resurgent love for Chaos and the Thousand Sons! Then, John is trying his latest Space Marine ideas with a new Iron Hands list against Jack in the War Room! We’ll also be live on YouTube on Thursday as Jack and John break down the top 10 units in the game!

Want to hear more about the new missions? Tune in to all of our Monday coverage, both on YouTube and in the War Room! We’ll be breaking down how they affect the Meta in our clinics!

We’ve got plenty of clinics this week, covering Orks, Drukhari, and how to prepare for Imperial Knights! We even have a session on upcoming tournaments, focusing on the New Orleans Open!

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