This week in the Art of War 1/17 – 1/21/2022

Welcome back to a fantastic week full of exciting new content! This is our last full week before Las Vegas, so we’re packing it full of amazing content to get you ready!

We kick off the week on YouTube, where Jack and John break down the top ten units in the brand new Genestealer Cult codex! We’ll also have Adam Camilleri return with the Black Templars to face off against Nick Nanavati’s freshly painted Harlequins!

If you’re excited about more games, I promise we are too! We have TWO stress testing games lined up on Tuesday and Thursday, where Jack’s Custodes and Mark’s Orks will be put to the test! Tune in as the coaches talk about how best to prepare for a massive event! Of course, we will be continuing the Road to LVO all week long as Brad and Adam talk about their own preparations!

We’ll be continuing with all of our regular clinics, from Pros and Khans to Know Thy Enemy, with Genestealer Cult Clinic as well!

Let us know what you’re most excited about!


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