This week in the Art of War 1/24 – 1/28/2022

One week to Las Vegas! Join us for a crazy week as we get ready for the final event of the season! We’ll be taking Friday off as the coaches compete in Las Vegas, make sure to check in to our social media to see how we’re doing!

We kick things off on Monday with the Road to LVO! We’ll continue this series in the War Room, with a list breakdown on Tuesday, right up until we leave for Las Vegas! We also have several faction clinics this week and one last game before Las Vegas, a stress test where the Art of War coaches pick a list from Las Vegas to practice against! \

It’s not all about Las Vegas though! The new Nachmund mission pack has dropped, and John and Richard deliver their first impression in this Hot Takes video! Then, Richard will take his first shot at the new missions when he brings his new and improved Necrons against Nick’s Chaos Space Marines!

Make sure to root for the team in Las Vegas, and good luck and safe travels to all who will be attending the Las Vegas Open!


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